Youtube Videos

I make YouTube videos - my channel can be found here. I mainly make videos about cubing, coding and gaming, but I also make videos about other things. I use Premiere Elements to edit, Open Broadcaster Software to record video and Audactiy to record audio.


Pyraminx ao12 16 46
Lubing DaYan ZhanChi Cube
Yuxin 4x4 + ShengShou pyraminx
Cubing - 2x2 ao5 36.9
Tutorial - sl1pg8r symbol with a cube
Mindcuber Demo and Explaination


Website Stream #2
Website Stream #1


Minecraft Green Screen Tutorial
Minecraft Green Screen Demo
Replay Mod - Skywars Win
Replay Mod Demo
#gettingjumped Minecraft Mega Skywars
Thaumcraft SMP E04


Intel Cleron Processor Disassembely
Apple TV2 Screensaver Tutorial
Mechanical Art + Design Museum Montage
Southport Airshow Vlog
California Vlog E8 - Palm Springs
California Vlog E7 - Hollywood